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The Sister's Order Roblox Wiki. Piggy is a survival horror game created by MiniToon IK3As and Optikk After the intermission is over players are given the choice to vote on 12 different maps Once the most voted map wins players can vote for one of the modes available Only 6.

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The Sisters of The Damned is a boss in Slender Fortress The Sisters of The Damned are original characters made exclusively for Slender Fortress 2 A sister instance has visibly a completely grey body (including it’s hair and clothes) and short hair with a somewhat grizzled face The Sisters are unique in that they do not move when you are looking at them but you can also die from.

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The Sister’s Covenant View source History Talk (0) The group image The Sister’s Covenant is the predecessor to its far more successful remakes The Sister’s Order and Divine Sister It was made in November of 2017 and was much more inappropriate and risky which is the main reasoning behind its termination After the investigation created by popular Roblox youtuber.

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Before you read the actual story just saying that this is NOT REAL and probably not scary! I made it up Enjoy! I went on ROBLOX and played “Roblox High School 2″ and about a while of playing I saw a player called “Jenny_Lola” and she or what I think is a she looked like she had no face I said “Hi” but she had no response So I continued playing the game and role playing like any.

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Divine Sister Roblox Alan Walker Darkside Roblox Id

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Valindra is the creator of Sister’s Order and Divine Sister as well as the Divine Sister YouTube channel He is mentioned in ROBLOX SANATORIUM a video where Mede appears in He is friends with Albert on Roblox Valindra appears to have a demon tail as his YouTube Channel’s profile picture (the one at the top when you view a channel) which contains his avatar has one.