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Roblox Remote Function Wait. local function WaitForChild (parent childName) while not parentFindFirstChild (childName) do parentChildAddedwait () end return parent [childName] end local MyHumanoid local MyCharacter local PlayersService = gameGetService (‘Players’) local function DeleteExistingMeshes (part) for _ v in pairs (partGetChildren ()) do if vIsA (‘FileMesh.

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Using Functions Functions are sets of instructions that can be used many times in a script There are premade functions like print () and wait () that are built into most programming languages Coders can also create their own custom functions for code they want to use more than once In Lua this done by typing local function.

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A very common way to do this in ROBLOX is with the handy “wait” statement Here is an example There is one problem with this code Can you see it? The wait function takes an optional argument which is the time that the script should sleep If you don’t supply an argument then the function will typically return in 003 seconds.

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Create the Remote Functions RemoteFunctions will be used for sending messages to the server to create projectiles as well as to measure the ping for each player Like other object types RemoteFunctions can be created as new instances The new instances should be parented to Replicated Storage since both client and server scripts can access objects stored there.

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The function used to do this is RemoteFunction/InvokeClient The client listens for this function to be invoked by binding a function to RemoteFunction/OnClientInvoke using the assignment operator = and not with an event within a LocalScript When the player (client) is invoked it will execute the bound function RemoteFunctions Server to Client .

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local ReplicatedStorage = gameGetService(“ReplicatedStorage”) local remoteFunction = ReplicatedStorageWaitForChild(“RemoteFunctionTest”) Create a new part and return it local function createPart(player) print(playerName “.