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Roblox Player Collision. Basically just taking advantage of collision to flick people out of the map Scripts like Infinite Yield and CMDX are capable Ive also seen ways of using hair to fling people based on mouse location but youre gonna have to look into it 1 level 2.

Collision Filtering roblox player collision
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In Roblox these virtual shapes When considering collision handling note the following Collisions in Roblox can cause objects to move around If that’s undesirable in your use case disable BasePart/CanCollide|CanCollide on one or both objects involved in the collision To detect if a player’s character has touched a part.


Hitoday’s video is how to disable player collision in roblox studioIts easy tutorial you just need to focus and follow the stepsEnjoy!Like and subscribe pl.

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Each Roblox place supports up to 32 collision groups ParttoPart Filtering If you need to prevent specific parttopart collisions like stopping the wheel of a car from scraping against the car’s body the NoCollisionConstraint object is more convenient than setting up collision groups.

Roblox Studio: How To Disable Player Collision 2021

All we need to do is define the groups that shouldn’t collide with each other – ie the VIP players (Collision Group A) and the VIP door (Collision Group C) After defining your Collision Groups VIP players will be able to pass through the VIP door On the other hand nonVIP players—rather than dying on contact—will simply be.

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Model https //wwwrobloxcom/library/5529580833/My Discord https//discordgg/9Y3Hxy (join!)ScriptNoPlayerCollisionScriptfunction oa(object)local player.