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How To Buy Robux For Someone Else

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How To Buy Robux For Someone Else. I believe the accounts are linked so you should be able to buy on the website anyway If you pay via PayPal it usually converts it to gbp before you confirm Thank you! It worked when I paid via PayPal instead of debit card ) I can relax now He’s worked so hard all week to earn these Robux so really didn’t want to have to disappoint him.

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Step 3 Click on the “Catalog” link on the top left corner of the bar navigation Tutorial How To Give Robux To Friends Step 4 Search for your friend’s name who uploaded to item into the catalog and find the respective item listed for sale Step 5 Then select the item by opening the picture and click Buy With R$.

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Roblox’s website has a dropdown menu that lets you buy Robux if you click the Robux symbol at the top right How Do I Give My Friend Robux? You can select Payouts once it has been added to the Group funds.

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Have you ever thought of buying a friend builder’s club without actually giving them a card rather just using the leftover credits you have? Well that isn’t possible This idea came to me from Steam where you can buy steam games as a gift for other people obviously the user receiving has to either accept or decline The feature I am proposing is being able to buy.

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How to Purchase Robux For Use on Xbox Be sure you are logged into your Xbox Live linked Roblox account when you buy Robux as it is not possible to transfer Robux between your accounts For Avatar items if you do not have enough Robux the item page will appear with an option to Get Robux Selecting this option will bring you to the Robux page where you can.

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On the product page click the three dots at the top right then click Configure Click Sales then type in the amount of robux you want to sell your product for Roblox takes a 30 percent cut of anything you sell The amount you will receive per sale can be seen under.